Here at Jolt we have three secret weapons that have changed our lives for the better.

Number one: we use a professional proofreader.

Our under-cover proofreader lives in the North Island and we have never met. We pass documents back and forth, and they come back pretty fast and perfectly checked. Our proofreader (we will call her Jane) checks all sorts of work for us; letters, blogs, proposals and marketing plans. We are particularly careful with any work that is going to print. This means we can be super creative, work very fast and then be comfortable our work is professional and tidy as Jane will catch the typos. Finding Jane has been life-changing; we recommend you find a proofreader. BTW, Jane even proofread this blog.


Number two: Xero is a no-brainer.

Xero, in case you didn’t know, is online accounting software. It makes Business Beautiful (their words, not ours). The beauty is all in the timing; the programme pulls in bank statements, ready for reconciliation, daily. You can check your P and L, and sort invoicing and GST super fast. The interface is really sexy (important) and Xero’s marketing is on point. We love Xero.

Number Three: A Notebook

Not The Notebook (the movie), not a Galaxy Notebook; an actual paper notebook, like, with pages. We love Evernote and Trello and Outlook and iPhones. But we also like to use a paper notebook. We make lists, jot down meeting notes, and we can always look back!

That’s it, thats all –  Happy New Year!