Wanaka Podcast

The Jolt team has partnered up with the good folks at The Film Crew to create the Wanaka Podcast. The show hosts conversations with Wanaka business owners. We talk to talented Wanaka people about [...]


This story reminds me of a tale All Black Marc Ellis tells about the difference between Kiwis and Aussies. While visiting schools in Australia he would ask the kids, “who can kick the ball over [...]

Our secret weapons

Here at Jolt we have three secret weapons that have changed our lives for the better. Number one: we use a professional proofreader. Our under-cover proofreader lives in the North Island and we [...]

We Work Remotely

We have been meaning to write this blog for a while but we have been too busy travelling and having fun. We work remotely, from all over the world, but home base is in Wanaka, South Island New [...]

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