Our secret weapons

Here at Jolt we have three secret weapons that have changed our lives for the better. Number one: we use a professional proofreader. Our under-cover proofreader lives in the North Island and we [...]

We Work Remotely

We have been meaning to write this blog for a while but we have been too busy travelling and having fun. We work remotely, from all over the world, but home base is in Wanaka, South Island New [...]


Jolt Marketing have joined KUMA, a Maori business network for the Otago Southland region.  TE KUPEKA UMAKA MÃORI KI ARAITEURU (KUMA)

Naming a business

Through the years we have worked with a bunch of people naming or renaming their businesses. Coming up with a business name is no easy task!! Business names needs to be relevant, linguistically [...]

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