The Wanaka Podcast was cooked up during the 2020 lockdown. Being fenced in seemed to crank creativity somehow. Our mission was to shine a light on people in business, to help other people in business, or people aspiring to be in business.

The kaupapa was inspired by the town’s name. Wanaka is thought to be derived from whare wānanga, or in the southern dialect, whare wānaka, meaning the perpetuation of knowledge. Sharing knowledge was the goal.

Once we were producing and promoting, the Poddy turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable project. Where we found joy surprised us. It was a treat to meet and talk to such a range of incredible people. Our little team had the pleasure of gathering each week to talk business, ideas and projects, with smart people. So, not the recording, the conversations on the edges. This was gold.

Here’s what we learnt:

Collaboration gives you wings.

Especially in Wanaka. If you need help, just ask. If you have an idea, get people on board. Try stuff; it’s fun, people will help you.

Rub shoulders with good people.

To paraphrase Tim Ferriss, you are the average of the people you surround yourself with. Wanaka folk, you are blessed to be surrounded by innovators, ambition, drive and character. Get amongst it.

Everyone has a story

We had an endless supply of people we could have interviewed. A variety of hosts meant we reached different networks, people, stories and industries. Common themes came through about the challenges of business. These stories have many hidden gems; there is business advice galore in these episodes. Enjoy!

So, it’s a wrap. We have tied a bow on it and called it done. Lots of people came together to make this content; thank you to everyone who worked on this project.

Lastly, Wanaka you’ve got a good thing going on. The environment is perfect for cooking up that next big thing, or little thing, or basically any thing.

We are looking forward to seeing what projects come out of this lockdown. I am talking to you Jess Eastwood.

Nga mihi nui.