Jolt Marketing delivers Tu Matahiko, HTK Group’s digital enablement programme. Together we work to support Māori small businesses to build digital capability and improve their digital health. This service is delivered under the advisory, training and mentoring aspect of Tu Matahiko and the Government’s Digital Skills SME Boost Package.

Jolt Marketing is a small marketing business based in Wanaka. Our team is made up of specialists in strategy, marketing planning, creative content creation and digital marketing. We have developed a bespoke Digital Marketing Programme to understand the business, audit digital performance, develop a road map towards increased performance and support the business owners to understand the way forward.

Digital Road Map

The programme has four key steps: Discovery, Audit, Roadmap and Summary. We have given an overview of the programme below:


We start with a 45-minute discussion via Zoom to learn about your business, industry, target audience, challenges and plans. This meeting will help us gain a thorough understanding of your business, gather information and develop the plan and recommendations.


We then take a closer look at your digital set up. The audit phase includes a technical assessment of four key areas:

  • Website performance – SEO (search engine optimisation), speed test, technical set up and overall website performance
  • Search and Google Performance – GMB (Google My Business), SERP(Search engine results page) rankings, analytics set-up and overall optimisation
  • Social media – check channel set-up, content and overall activity
  • Database and network – check backlinks, use of database marketing tool, industry opportunities


We take the information we have gathered and map a way forward. The Roadmap outlines our findings and provides recommendations in the four keys areas:

  • Website performance
  • Search and Google Performance
  • Social media
  • Database and network

The Roadmap will outline areas for improvement and guidance on how to undertake these changes. We prioritise these tasks and provide additional information to help you get underway. We will discuss the Roadmap in your Summary Session

Summary Session

We will have a Summary meeting with you via Zoom to go through the Roadmap step-by-step. We will discuss each point, the recommendations and provide further links and information on how to implement the recommendations.

We expect the process to take from 2 to 3 weeks. Occasionally we may require further access to digital channels, we will contact you if this is the case.

To gain the most benefit out of the programme, it is essential to be engaged, willing to learn and committed to making the changes. We are here to help you succeed, starting with your digital marketing.

We look forward to working with you.